<span>Food Waste</span>

Praise is on a mission to reduce food waste

Australian's waste enough food per year to fill the MCG to the brim almost 9 times! (FIAL, 2021). Praise is on a mission to help lower this stat, by encouraging Aussies to freestyle with the food they've got in the fridge & pantry.


What can you do?

Praise has partnered with social enterprise, Saveful, a free, intuitive and practical platform that helps Australians save money, time and reduce food waste.

Learn more about Saveful and get the app below.




Reducing waste, one Mini at a time.

Every year, approximately one third of all food (nearly one billion tonnes) produced globally is either lost or wasted (FAO, 2011; 2019). Praise wants to combat this by providing Aussies with products that not only taste delicious, but give you a way to savour every scrap!

Praise Minis are the perfect tool to make the most of those forgotten foods; your on-the-go buddy to liven up your lunch.



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What else are we doing?